Tuesday 12 August 2014

A Rose by any other name

Does this quilt design have a name?

I think of it as a LJR7 quilt:  one group of strips is made up of pieces where the border is a L shape followed by a J, L J L J etc, while the alternate strips are made up of r, 7, r, 7 etc.  (At least that's the conversation I have with myself as I'm sewing the strips together!)

Anyway I've added the white borders to two sides of all my rainbow charms and pressed them, and I *think* they are still in the right order so I'm ready to LJ and R7 the strips


  1. Psst, you need to stop listening to the voices in your head ;o)

  2. not sure I understand what you are talking about here!!! the blocks look good so will see when all is finished!

  3. Yep. And blue tiddlywinks are spirals in muddy cornflakes.

  4. Don't listen to Katy, those voices are keeping you sane ;o)

  5. Sometimes it's good to listen to the voices at least that's what I keep telling myself :-)


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