Thursday, 14 August 2014

Is Benta Barmy?

Based on the comments of yesterday's quilt you reckon I'm losing the plot!

So this is an LJ R7 quilt because, as you (I) go down the columns assembling the blocks I say to myself, "join an L then a J then  another L and another J:

Then the next column is an "r" then a 7 then an r then a 7:

This all works fine until . . .

And it's not just my quits - I've infected Jackie's too!

So tell me what you would call this block then?

If anyone needs me I'll be in my own little world - they know me there!


  1. good to have explained your logic behind this quilt!!! I now understand and no maybe you are not so barmy. When I did my Tula blocks I got muddled as I cut them wonky and twisted them alternately well I thought I did so like you have had to undo and redo some

  2. as long as you are happy there xx lol x

  3. Oh dear, the LJR7 bug is catching!! I think I'd twist myself into all sorts of knots trying to keep those rows right!

    P.S. Not barmy, just 'special' ;o)

  4. Oh, positively certifiable, but that certainly helps in this game ;o)

  5. Well that's alright then. Phew!

  6. This looks great. I love the effect and your LJR7 is a clever way to remember :)

  7. I think there are at least two of us in this world!!!

  8. I have a book which calls it Pieces of Eight, though the layout is different (so that you make a kind of figure of eight) - like here - it's more r7 lj down the rows...

  9. Actually, looking at yours again, I can see it's the same - just didn't strike me that way at first! Anyway, not sure if Pieces of Eight is an official name or just what this particular author called it...

  10. Wonderful, I llike how the blocks are flowing.
    I will use thil JL r7 methode in my next quilt!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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