Monday 4 August 2014

Art Anxiety

But is it Art? We asked this question several times in Hackney Wick on Saturday.

Sometimes the answer was clear to me: no, this is graffiti not art !

Sometimes it was a bit of fun: (mine is the rainbow on the right - later in the day this was covered, I think nearly everyone had a go!)

Sometimes it was witty

 And sometimes it was pretty

There was some unusual art - these kittens had been rescued from the riverbank a few weeks ago - they were dipped in a food colouring paste to create "Art"

And bed springs were used to grow flowers

And finally, two lovely wooden pieces of furniture - this bench at a street cafe

And this gorgeous table top made for Lisa by a friend

So when does graffiti become art ? For me, it's when I like it or it makes me laugh but I expect the street clean team have a different view! 


  1. I think graffiti is ok when it's done on a designated wall. I don't like it when it ruins the subject it's painted on

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as is art!

  3. Graffiti is fine on your own wall.
    I have seen some really cool art that way but when it's wanton destruction of my property, then no.
    I absolutely love yarnbombing - even though it is done on someone else's property. At least it can be undone easily.

  4. Always a good and controversial question when it refers to 'street art' - some of which is art, some of which is fun and some of which is downright vandalism!

  5. Fun tour. I'm going with art being something that is not deliberately destructive to innocent parties.

  6. I agree. It is art if you like it, otherwise it is rubbish.


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