Friday 22 August 2014

Bunting and Bundles

Is there anything better than a day spent pottering in the sewing room?

I've made bunting for the new great nephew and niece, and their bigger sister

And I've cut bundles of Hexies using Jackie's 2" die which is currently holidaying here from Ireland.

Do these two colours look the same? This isn't the first time that  I think two orders of Kona fabric have resulted in a slightly different shade :-(

Two cuts of Kona Steel:

Two cuts of Kona Cornflower


  1. The greys look slightly different! I wonder is it like wool where it has to be the same dye lot to be the exact colour! I hope the hexi is ha

  2. ......having a good time and getting lots of use! :-)

  3. Dye lots.
    Or, wrong side & right sides.
    You are the bunting queen.

  4. great bunting. must have a look for the 2" die and get loads of them cut out as thinking of selling my sizzix machine. I only cut the card with the machine and just cut rectangles out of the fabrics.

    Yes those greys do look different but rather like the difference

  5. Busy girl!

    Yes, Kona greys and neutrals have a bit of a reputation for not being very consistent with their die lots

  6. The bunting is really cute! And yes, I'd blame different dye lots of the colour change - I had the same problem with some Sketch. And I thought that because Sketch and Rain were made by the same company and they both had a colour called 'mist' that they'd be approximately the same colour. They're not!

  7. Cute buntings! Yes, they look quite different. That happened to me w Mint. And here I've been so loyal to Kona (I do love the stuff). I know there are dye lots, but they're not exactly doing it in small batches, are they? Seems like something they could do better.


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