Sunday 17 August 2014

Exhausting Embroidery

I was asked, by a fellow blogger, if I could embroider some initials onto some fabric which would then be made into bags for bridesmaids at her son's wedding.

Of course, I'd love to - so she sent me the fabric and the font ...

Although I usually tinker with the computer generated font, this one as too detailed for the machine even to have a go!

I can sort of trace over an image to create a design from scratch, so I had a go with the C (above) and it looked reasonable on the screen

And it stitched OK, but this took about half an hours concentrated work for a 0.75" high design that still isn't as detailed as the original!

Fiona is going to find me another font to try!!!

I then consoled myself by creating a totally unnecessary design that luckily stitched out fine!

And I just thought I'd share the padded trinket boxes made by the Chertsey Museum Ladies (full pic are here )

They also brought back their finished jewellery pouches

And Kaye brought a Mariner's Compass - her first, isn't it stunning!


  1. My goodness that font is far too much! I hope she finds something more legible.

  2. The mind boggles slightly how you would even draw the first font (so kudos to the designer!) but good luck with option #2. Love the wee singer :o)

  3. I love the machine! The font looks very elaborate and well done to Kaye it is fab!

  4. Thank lettering is amazing! I hope she can something equally beautiful but more machine friendly :)

  5. good lord!! They are a bit much!! hope it gets sorted out!! .. well done for trying though xi

  6. fingers crossed you get an easier and quicker font to stitch. Little trinket boxes look cute, might just have to have a go at one and the jewellery pouches are delightful. Must not forget the mini quilt, also very nice

  7. I'm glad you told us it was a C, I had no idea! Hope font number two is better for you!

  8. Did you create that sewing machine design? It is awesome.


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