Sunday 3 August 2014

Hackney Hexies

Yesterdy we went to see Lisa in Hackney Wick, east London,  to see some of the open studios as part of the art festival in the area where she lives.

On the train I managed to work on a whole load of Kona steel hexies 

So now my rainbow hexies look like this (I'm aiming for something like this one)

The open studios were great,: SO many studios within a few square miles.  Lisa had heard it described as a post apocalyptic London where only artistic people have survived!  I can see their point !

This graffitied street is in huge contrast to the Olympic park that adjoins Hackney Wick.

Beautiful open spaces and loads of play equipment for the kids. This is her route to the gym and swimming pool (Olympic pool); an enormous shopping centre (Westfields, Stratford) and public transport links to wherever she wants to go!  She really is living the best of both worlds


  1. That hexie quilt is going to look great with those bright colors on the gray.

  2. Great photos - and lovely hexies too!

  3. Love the hexies and fab photos too

  4. Delicious hexagons . I so want to visit there.....

  5. Great pics.Love your hexies.Have a fun week!

  6. Looks like a fun place to live!

  7. "a post apocalyptic London where only artistic people have survived" hahahaha


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