Wednesday 27 August 2014

Workday Wednesday

There are a few more days until I go back to the 'day job', but the embroidery machine has been busy today with customers' orders:
Initialled PE kit for a lad starting a new school

School logo for a mum who doesn't rate the quality of the uniform suppliers

a set of tissue pouches for a friend's daughter's wedding in a few weeks: for the mothers and grandmothers and the bridesmaids as well as the bride

And I'm plodding through a mountain of fleece zippies and polo shirts for the local pre-school

Last week we were on holiday - being spoilt at a lovely resort in Lanzarote - blue skies and sunshine with a cooling breeze every day. I managed to tack a few rainbow hexies on the plane

But on holiday i mostly read and sunbathed . . . And made friends with a camel


  1. Sounds like your holiday will be a distant memory by now Benta!

  2. Well glad to see you're not sitting around with your feet up, anyone would think it was the holidays ;o)

  3. Happy to see that you had some non-sewing fun with your camel.

    I received your little package in the mail - hoping to do something with over our Labor Day weekend.

  4. Camel rides on holiday! How exotic! Must be hard to come back to work after that :)

  5. looks like fun was had on holiday and you have been busy since coming home. love the bright hexies

  6. Love the camel! And as for all that embroidery - are you sure you have time for a day job? :)

  7. You have been busy, haven't you?!? Love how you have your hexies all set up in 'flower order' in your box!

  8. I don't think you have time for a day job!!


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