Saturday 6 September 2014

Paint and Paper

Yesterday's session at Chertsey museum took me a little out of my comfort zone - I like to work with fabric and needle and thread, but we were using paper and paint and paintbrushes!

I bought some transfer paints at a quilt show earlier in the year: you paint on paper then iron the image onto polyester and the image transfers, but much brighter colours.

We had some fab results, but the most stunning was this tiger.  

Stephanie used a printed colouring page (from google) and pretty much painted the whole tiger orange, planning to add the stripes later with embroidery thread, but the paint didn't transfer from the black areas so the detail transferred too.

Fab afternoon, thank you ladies :-)

(Individual photos are on the Fun With Fabric blog:


  1. These are terrific Benta. What a good idea to use a colouring page.

  2. Fun to try something other than quilting.

  3. Great results all round! What a good idea to use a colouring page, though - and how lovely that the details transferred.

  4. it always amazes me at how much th colours change and usually for the better when transfered to the fabric, the tiger is amazing

  5. Fab tiger, great results. Looks like a fun afternoon

  6. That tiger looks great. It looks like it was a lot of fun.


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