Monday 15 September 2014

Random Recap

Thanks to all the asked about my disaster recovery attempts, I thought I'd show the evidence . . .

The tissue pouches were redone and delivered, and thanked for, and used, so I guess they are OK this time

And the Gothic initials have been received and approved and paid for, so I guess they were ok too

I also thought I'd share my pompom gadget from Festival of Quits - this sooooo beats flaffing around with card circles and a needle

And in other news, my crochet blanket is growing slowly :-)


  1. More than OK Benta, the initials are wonderful! Can't wait to see the girls reactions :)

  2. Well done on all the recoveries!!! The Pom Pom maker looks very interesting.

  3. And what do you plan on doing with those pom-poms?

  4. ticks all round for the completed orders. the pom pom maker looks interesting as above wonder what your pom pom plans are

  5. Well done on getting everything straightened out!
    I've never seen a multiple pom pom maker before - most intriguing! Do you have a plan? Pom pom edging to the crochet blanket?


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