Tuesday 30 September 2014

Birthday Bonus

Thanks to someone at home (unidentified but one of two suspects) putting birthday post in the junk post pile, I only found a pressie from Plum yesterday

But it was worth waiting for!  

About 5" square (when folded in half) it's perfect for the makings of half a dozen hexi flowers - and fits perfectly in my handbag

So I can keep adding to this collection of hexi flowers

Thank you Plum xx


  1. it looks great .. what a wonderful "find" ... maybe "whoever" put it in the other pile was really wanting you to find it later and so keep the fun coming xx lol x

  2. What a lovely present and a wonderful surprise to find in the junk post!

  3. both a pretty and practical present very nice. Your pile of hexies is growing. I have just joined in with the dilly bag that is being done on line all made from hexies well have signed up but not started it yet

  4. Glad to see that it's already been filled ready for use!


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