Wednesday 1 October 2014

Tone Trials

Last year my mum brought me this charm pack from Australia

I've ummed and arred for a while but have (I think) finally settled on this design (pic from Pinterest)

Mum and I started arranging the squares, but it was difficult to decide what was light, medium or dark.

I arranged them into what I thought were the three groups then took a pic in grey tones - some were seriously wrong in their placement !

Lots of rearranging later, I'm now close to being happy with the tonal value, 

now I need to subdivide by colour - this is much harder than I thought !


  1. What a neat idea to get your colors in order.
    I'm sure it will look fab.

  2. that is a good way to see the tones and shows how we can be mislead when colour sorting. Like the design you have there, seems like an extra large charm pack you have

  3. You will have a colorful and fabulous quilt.Happy sewing!!

  4. Those are gorgeous fabrics but the colours are very tricky. Someone should invent black and white glasses so you could wear them as you sort...

  5. Interesting. I think you'd get rich of of Janine's suggestion.


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