Sunday 19 October 2014

Copyright Conundrum

I know that the likes of Disney and George Lucas films copyright their logos in order to protect income from their movies,  and two project ideas recently have led me to investigate the law relating to logos.

Unfortunately it's all tied up in such legal mumbo jumbo that I haven't been able to find an answer.  So for the following two embroidery designs I used my own moral compass (both designs are being stitched just once, for a child, and I am not being paid to create or stitch them, and both children already have lots of things with the logo on that have been bought therefore bringing revenue to the copyright owner and I found both images as colouring in pages available from Google, not from the copyright owner or their website), and I hope I'm not going to be arrested!

For the Richmond and Kew Consequences Quilt (3rd round) the owner wants a Star Wars themed block.  I would love to make Kristy's paper pieced R2D2 but I don't know that my piecing skills are up to it, but I do know that my machine embroidery design skill *are* up to creating it for machine embroidery, so one block created, one block under consideration

And for fun it's stitched it in glow-in-the-dark thread!

My second design is from Disney: my great niece (I feel so old writing that) is moving from a cot bed to a big girl's bed, (so the twins can move from moses baskets into the cot).  As part of the encouragement, she was having her room decorated  with an Ariel theme: her favourite Disney movie, so I designed and stitched this for her pillowcase:

I hope you will come and visit me in prison if I get arrested!  I'm now going to tackle R2D2


  1. I'll send you a postcard or two if you end up locked up ;o) I do hear sewing is popular in prison though, something about mail bags...

  2. I'm sure I could spare you one of my files if you end up in the clink. And you've just reminded me I have glow in the dark thread too and I've just finished that Halloween quilt for Olivia!

  3. They look great. The glow in the dark thread is fab! I hope if you go to prison they let you take ypur sewing machine with you!

  4. if you get locked up you will be able to help Fine Cell Work a charity that goes into prisons and teaches stitching, you even get paid for what you make!! I am sure you will be okay though, I follow a blog that makes loads of Dr Who things and so far she still has her freedom!

  5. Too funny. I made some Ohio State mini hangings for a couple of friends from high school. They said I should sell them, but I reminded them that I could go to jail if I did, lol.

  6. I'll visit you - but hoping that it doesn't come to that! I love the embroideries - particularly the glow in the dark thread! I wonder if that one will get as far along the line as me - I can't remember our relative places in the 'chain'!

  7. What a cool idea to use glow in the dark thread. And Ariel looks beautiful. I'm pretty sure if it is for personal use, you'll be OK :) My brother really wanted Nike brand clothing when he was a little kid, but my parents weren't about to waste the money on a brand name, so he drew a Nike tick on his shorts and he was happy :) He's all grown up now, with no criminal record :)


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