Thursday 30 October 2014

Secret Revealed

A few days ago I showed a tiny section of a sewing secret

- now I can show you the rest!

Following on from teaching craft / mug caddies at a class, I realised that this idea wasn't limited to mug size.

I made one from a big coffee canister

and then made an even bigger one from a tall biscuit tin - perfect for knitting needles and  ball or two of wool, I hope!

By the time this post is published (I've scheduled it), Jackie will have received it - and hopefully liked it!

I also made her a pincushion & thread thingy:

Both of the pincushions were based on this one I saw at my friend Heather's house


  1. Such a beautiful projects.The pincushions cought my eyes.Have a fun day!

  2. you certainly have taken this a lot further so many uses for these

  3. Great idea, and it looks good, too. My knitting needles are currently stored in a biscuit tin, too :)

  4. I love my pressies so clever to use the biscuit tin xx


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