Wednesday 29 October 2014

Secret Sewing and Selfish Sewing

The secret sewing?  Well I can show you this much for now, the rest will be revealed ... later

And I did some selfish sewing - for me: I treated myself to a pincushion and cotton reel holder:

Cut 5 circles, stitch two in pairs, right sides together, repeat

Snip in centre, turn right way out, press into circle shapes

Stitch running stitch 1/4 inch from edge of 5th circle

Stack the two turned circles on top on each other, stitch across centre 3 or 4 times (ie 60 or 45 degree lines) but start and stop 3/4" from the edge.  Stitch at edge- where the lines would have stopped

Pull thread tight on 5th circle, stuffing as you tighten.  Use ribbon or cord to thread through gaps created and through cotton reels or bobbins, tug to create bowl shape.

tuck stuffed circle into the bowl shape created, tie ribbons.

Ta da!


  1. I've seen these before. Cute pincushion. Cute Christmas gifts.

  2. what a great pin cushion will have to have a go at one of these, thanks for sharing

  3. back again what size circles did you use please?

  4. why do you feel it is selfish to sew something for yourself? just enjoy sewing .. and ditch the guilt xx looks good by the way x

  5. Great pincushion. Is there an optimal size for the circles to get a good shape that is large enough for the cotton reels?


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