Tuesday 28 October 2014

New to Me

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I don't often have anything to contribute, but this week I've had a go at lacemaking!

It was originally offered as a children's holiday class at Chertsey museum: only three kids signed up, but several adults (including me) said they were interested, so we were allowed to join the kids!

It was very basic lace making, and using different types of threads for the passive threads (warp) and embroidery threads for the weaver (the weft), but we used the pins and the bobbins - all proper stuff!

Its a bit like weaving - in fact the initial result was weaving, but we then started adding twists which you couldn't easily do with weaving

The design was a sort of zigzag, but I do feel it looks more wonky than zigzagged, but her samples were pretty much the same!  Id like to try again, but I think I'd go for something straighter

I then came home in the mood to progress something that had stalled, so I dug out the red linen quilt which was last worked on about six weeks ago.  I trimmed all the blocks to the right size

And joined them in strips


  1. great curtains.
    I have decided on Oakshott cottons for curtains in my guest room. As the light hits them from behind....imagine the possibilities.
    Gotten distracted by availibility in USA. Now Kaffe Fassett has them and they are at my local fabric store ($10/yd) - where I was last weekend and didn't know they stocked them. I think your pattern would be really cool.
    Curtains. Dont know why I always need to make it more difficult than it has to be....

  2. well done for having a go at the lace making .. my aunt and her friend have done it for years .. I think it looks wonderful .. but don't want to have a go xx

  3. Your red and linen quilt is coming along nicely!

  4. Good for you! It's quite hard I would think

  5. lace making is so fiddly that is a very good first attempt. Quilt looking good and what a good way to hang if from the curtain pole think I will be trying that too

  6. Love the red linen well done on your finishes

  7. The lace making looks complicated but fun. It was probably also extra fun being a kids class, I imagine.

  8. Your first lace making attempt looks just great, I love getting the opportunity to learn new crafts.



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