Thursday 16 October 2014

Blues Forever

Blues Forever is not a football chant, its a description of how long I seem to have been ironing, cutting, stitching  and pressing recently - even the dust is blue!

From the delivery and the pile of strips I blogged about here, I have enough strips to make two tops like this,

And a third one, slightly smaller, like this from the scraps!

Not too shabby eh?

PS, if you want some of the shirt fabric, text Lorraine on 07977 588 583


  1. I like the simplicity of this for a fast quilt

  2. you certainly wasted no time using up your shirting and have 3 great quilts from the purchase

  3. You have been busy! Love those cool blues! Thanks for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday!

  4. Well they look rather fantastic! Huge fight going on in my head now about not contacting her for fabric!!!

  5. I love the highlights of yellow in that top one.

  6. These blues look so beautiful in these simple quilt patterns. It's lucky that I am a long way away, as I have a soft spot for these men's shirts fabrics. I bet these quilts are even more beautiful once they are quilted.


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