Friday 24 October 2014

Christmas Conclusion

EDIT: This should have been posted ten days ago - no idea why it didn't!

Thanks for the suggestions as to how I could add prairie points to my aqua Christmas points, I think I have found the way to do it.

The points are pinned in place and the binding added to hold them down.  I used 4 pieces of binding, one for each side, but rather than overlap them at all, each one finishes on a 45o fold at the edge of the fabric

Trim away as much as you dare from the corner

Flip the whole of the binding, plus the seam allowance, over to the back, and pin, ready to slip stitch.  I reckon when I've stitched the mitres to each other and the binding to the back it'll be sorted!

I has just two squares left, and a few triangles, so under my "use it all up" policy they needed to be used, so I adapted Svetlana's draw string bag by adding another fabric to the bag parts, and the triangles between


  1. I need to adopt the use-it-up policy. Stash seems to grow faster than I can sew.

  2. well done for figuring it out x

  3. what a good idea to have the prairie points they really work well and thanks for showing how to attach them with the binding

  4. Hi Benta! This quilt will be fantastic! I love the winter style and the prairie points are Super! Lovely bag, too! x Teje

  5. Glad you sussed it! Although I admit I was a tad worried that you were concluding Christmas in October...

  6. It looks like you made it work.

    Cute drawstring bag.


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