Sunday 12 October 2014

Rewind, then Recycle

I don't know if you saw this article in May's copy of the Quilter (let's rewind)

I confess I didn't, but one of the ladies at Richmond and Kew quilters did, and shared it with the rest of us.  The summary is that a lady called Lorraine is able to get shirt offcuts from a factory that makes prestigious shirts (including for Prince Charles)

The charge is minimal (from £3 a metre) and all proceeds go to charity - that has to be a win win arrangement! (edit: you can text Lorraine on 07977 588 583)

So, in order to help the charity, and keep fabric out of landfill (selfless person that I am) I bought a bag and a bundle (plus p&p it came to £10.50), and Lorraine very kindly sorted blues and creams for me.

I'd cut into the smaller pieces before I thought to take any photos, but this box was pretty much filled with fabric, and here are the larger pieces waiting to be cut, together with the smaller pieces cut into 10x2.5" strips.

I've been collecting men's shirts to recycle for bunting classes too, but dont have another session planned, so I've gone through those shirts finding blues and creams, and cutting 10" strips: I think I have quite a few now
Inspired by this,

I'm finally making a quilt for my cousin in Norway


  1. How very cool! Thin stripes are hard to come by in fabric shops so this is wonderful. Enjoy your thrift sewing! Love that inspiration quilt too

  2. Oooh, hadn't heard of that but it sounds interesting, my spidey senses are tingling now.,,

  3. what a greatway of disposing of off cuts, lets hope more manufacturers get on the band wagon, charities benefit as do we, you have a good collection there

  4. What a lovely looking order! Lots of cutting to keep you out of mischief, then? Looking forward to seeing the quilt when you've made it!

  5. Cool idea ! And what a good girl you are - keeping fabrics out of the landfills ;-)) I totally understand that ;-))

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!! Tempting!!! Thanks for the info!

  7. Can't wait to see your quilt. I like the inspiration. Not only are these unique fabrics, but such a great use. Reminds me of American string quilts made with factory leftovers (apparently, they didn't waste large pieces back then!).

  8. That isn't really helping Benta! I'm supposed to be using fabric up not buying more!

  9. what a great idea.


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