Saturday 18 October 2014

Simple Skewering

Sorry if you came here expecting something fabric related, but I had a bit of fun with an aluminium tray left after supper a few nights ago, and thought I'd share it here.

The meat came in a fairly sturdy aluminium tray, and I trimmed away the sides, leaving the flat base, and then poked a pattern of holes in it with a skewer

I curled it just enough to fit into a jam jar

And then put a candle inside

Sometimes simple is sufficient to make me happy


  1. You're going to have to post a tutorial. (lol)

  2. what a good idea see you are brainstorming with this one!

  3. Grand idea (makes mental note not to piss of Benta when she has that skewer in her hand...)

  4. That is such a clever idea! It looks great :)


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