Thursday 23 October 2014

Binding Backlog

I find that during the summer months I start and piece quilts, but rarely finish them as its too hot to do the hand-sewing-the binding thing which involves the quilt being on my lap, keeping me warm.

As a result of patchwork activity in the summer I have a whole load of almost-finished quilts which are now being given the attention they deserve: first up, two iSpy quilts, one named and ready for delivery, the other ready for when it's needed

I've also made a bucket bag, just because I wanted to!

Not enough fabric for a full width pocket, so I put in a small seam pocket at least for receipts or carpark tickets


  1. I'm sure they'll be gratefully received

  2. good idea saving the binding for the winter, never thought of that. You will get plenty of fabric buys in the bag!

  3. I've been thinking about doing just that - making summer the time for piecing and winter the time for quilting - but I rarely do what I think is smart (eg I am currently knitting a beanie in spring).

    Nice bag.


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