Saturday 25 October 2014

Finished for the Festival

I expect every quilter in the world knows about Amy's Bloggers' Quilt Festival by now, but if you haven't visited, make yourself a big cuppa and start looking at the entries for this festival - my gosh there are some fab quilts to be seen!

I usually find a new blogger to follow too - and have found some great ones in the past!  Thanks Amy for all the work you put into this

My first humble offering this year is my Irish Chain.

It was inspired by a quilt made by my non-blogging but awesome quilting bestie, Jackie, I wimped out of copying hers as it had too many HSTs, but I went with the sort of colours she is drawn to.  She's Irish, and this design is an Irish Chain and the fabric is Moda's Essential Dots - so it has the imaginative name "Essential Irish". 

 The Moda fabric is really soft, so I decided to back it with an incredibly soft fleece blanket (technically it is a coverlet not a quilt as it's two layers rather than 3)

(Edit: I'm really pleased with the result.  I love Irish chains, but not too keen on the ones with single blocks mixed with nine patches.  This way was a lot more work, but worth it!  The construction is a variation on the quilt as you go method, but a *really* quick version!  I taught myself to quilt (made it up as I went along) before the days of blogging, so I didn't know about the rules - just figured out a quick and cheap method!!)

The back story can be read in various posts:
  • Cutting the fabric and starting the 9 patch blocks here last November
  • More blocks and initial layout here in January 2014
  • Final layout here in February
  • How to quick piece/assemble/initially quilt a coverlet here in May
  • Extra quilting here in June
  • Making it into a Quillow and machining the binding here in July 2014
  • And finally this week the binding has been hand stitched to the back (you can see I don't like to rush these things)
 It is lovely and big - I just kept going until I'd filled the fleece, and the few remaining blocks went into the quillow front: The whole thing is appx 50 x 78 inches (130 x 200cm) and oh so warm and soft and snugly - and in the warmer months when we don't need *another* quit on the back of the sofa . . . it can be a cushion


  1. Hi Benta! I'm so happy to 'meet' you again in this festival because here I met you for the First time! I still remember well the quilt 'landscape' you showed then. This is beautiful quilt! I love the pattern - squares are my favourites and the white with dark colours looks fantastic! x Teje

  2. This has turned out beautifully! Congrats on the finish and good luck in the festival :)

  3. It's beautiful! Love the white chain. ;)

  4. Fabulous finish and so striking!

  5. looking really good and went back and re read how you added the top to the blanket so interesting, I think maybe I will try this method on a mini piece

  6. Oh I just love this...reminds me of an amish sort of quilt with pretty bright colors!

  7. What a beautiful quilt, Benta, - also love the colour you chose for the back.
    Irish chain is on my to-do list, - one day.... :-) :-)

  8. Great finish Benta! This is a stunning quilt and very snuggly with the fleece on the back. Love it!

  9. Such a great scrappy finish!


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