Thursday 24 July 2014

Changed the Chain

After yesterday's failed attempts to get on with any project I decided I needed to achieve something today . . .

I dug out the Irish Chain quilt which only needed the binding attaching. The rest of the quilt has been made from the more muted colours in the Moda Essential Dots range, but I really love the bright red - as the back is a red fleece, and only a little bit of the binding will be seen I figured I could get away with a bright binding


Machine bound on the front:


Before I got too far on attaching the binding I remembered a suggestion Plum made a while ago, and with a bit of text help from her I added a casing on the back to turn it into a quillow.

I used the few remaining unused nine patches, cobbled together scraps for a nine patch star, and used some kona black to made the size block I needed


I attached it, inside out, to the back of the quilt (Plum says this makes a nice foot warmer pocket when the quilt is being used)


Then I folded the quilt into 3 width ways, and into 4 longways, and pulled the pillowcase right side out


So now I can use it as a cushion, and I can ignore that the binding needs finishing - I'll do that when it's colder: I can't have a whole load of fleece on my lap when it's 28/82 degrees outside, and I don't think anyone will need it for warmth just yet (and this will keep the cats from adding their own layer of fur to it!)






  1. You do know it will possibly stay a pillow forever?
    Looks very nice on the couch there.

  2. We will be checking the status of the binding at a future date.

  3. Fab finish first of many over the next six weeks

  4. such a good idea making it into a quillow, love the spotty fabrics. Wonder how hard it is to quilt with fleece as it scan stretch etc

  5. It looks great! Make sure you remember you've got your feet tucked in the quillow pocket or you may measure your length when you get up to make another cup of tea!!

  6. Brilliant! Will Laos keep somebody's feet warm on a winters evening. X

  7. I love the red binding Benta! It is even too warm here to be working with fleece :)

  8. What a beautiful quilt. I love the red. And a brilliant idea to turn it into a quillow. I need to make a few of these ... one day.

  9. Love this - and particularly love the star on the pillow front! Good job!


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