Monday 28 July 2014

Friends With Fabric

A lovely gentleman at one of the churches in the two villages has given me a whole load of fabric from his late wife's sewing room; a friend who workes for a local curtain and fabric shop dropped off some samples and another friend who makes curtains dropped a box of fabrics by the back door.

(About 10% of the donation looks like this)

(Another 25% is in this box)

Clearly it would have been rude to refuse any (I'm sure you understand) but there really is a limit to how much I can store "just in case "!

So I have made some bags to sell at the church fete in September :  (all lined and reversible)

And one bag for a friend who needs one for her cutting board - Janet, you only get it if you make a comment - I know you read the blog, go on, make a comment!!!!

I haven't made much of a dent though, so watch this space for more bags!


  1. what a great collection of fabrics the bags you have made will be so appreciated and help raise mone to for the Church, beats the terrible plastic bags the supermarkets give, I have made quite a few myself for the food shopping and then a few patchwork ones for my stitching shopping, reminds me I ought to make a new one for the next quilt show on 8 august

  2. I love it when I am given fabric... the challenge is to find a use for it xx seems you have made a good start x

  3. Come on Janet! How fun to be given boxes of fabric ; )

  4. Wow what an amazing amount of fabric and lovely bags! Great use of the fabric and a fundraiser as well!!

  5. Nice fabric donations, and splendid bags!

  6. Super on all fronts! Looks like Janet will be missing out

  7. What a fab collection of bags. They are a great way to use that fabric and I'm sure they'll be a good fundraiser :)


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