Thursday 31 July 2014

Lino Lines

I got a kit for Lino cutting, and had a go: I'm not very good at it, but I guess a bit of practice will help!

My attempt looks like this
Using the black tube of ink and a roller was not successful, but using a stamp pad to ink the Lino then using the roller to roll the Lino onto the paper was a bit more successful.

While I took a rest one of two visiting nieces, Tindra, picked up a block and a cutter (scalpel ?) and carved this 

Which stamps like this 

Darned teenagers!!!!!  

Tindra has a thing about eyes - her own is a work of art too


  1. I see your niece has got your creative streak, how good to have a youngster being creative instead of playing on an iphone or similar! I have not tried lino cutting mind you there is lots I have not tried

  2. Wow, what eyes on both counts. Hope you have a great time at Festival of Quilts.

  3. ...and she probably cut that gorgeous eye out freehand....

    I got to play with lino/stamping back in high school art class. I still have the sun with it's rays over the water - somewhere special.

    I can't recall how we applied the paint... I think we had a paint roller (small one) to apply the paint - rolled on and then pressed the lino down on the paper. The paint roller picked up the right amount of paint to transfer onto the lino.

  4. What beautiful eyes! Darn teenagers always showing us up :-)

  5. The eye looks great. I used to be good at stuff like that when I was a engager - then I grew up and got boring :)

  6. *teenager* (I don't know what happened there).


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