Sunday 20 July 2014

Second Sewing Day

Well the Altar cloth hasn't yet got the better of me - it was assembled this morning:

And now is quilted (!) and machine bound, and it's still afternoon!  I've just got to hand sew the binding, - I wonder which is the coolest room in the house?

Don't you love it when the binding is JUST right?

Just a few pictures tomorrow of it in church and then I plan to never show it again !


  1. Glad it's gone so well. I'd have machined the binding I have to say!

  2. Hello busy girl.It looks fabulous and love it!
    Have a fun sewing week.

  3. It looks lovely well done

  4. this will look really beautiful on the altar, look forward to seeing it in situ

  5. Wow! Fast work! Well done and hope that you stay cool whilst sewing the binding on!

  6. That was a LOT to do in a couple of days! It's looking great. I think you deserve a medal :)


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