Wednesday 16 July 2014

Quietly Quilting (and transfer paints)

I did some transfer paint painting a few days ago, and produced this campervan on fabric

And I've now started quilting it

I rather like it from the back too

I think this will become a notebook cover - possibly a Christmas pressie ready before Christmas!


  1. I do like your new toys, love the camper van :-)

  2. the transfer printing has worked very well, it always surprises me how different the colours are when transferred to the fabric

  3. Lovely - and the idea of Christmas pressies ready before Christmas is striking ;-))

  4. Fun idea! Ignoring the 'C' word...

  5. This is fantastic. And the back looks so good it seems a shame that it'll be hidden :)

  6. I love how the stitching looks on the back. It's a shame it's going to be covered.


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