Saturday 12 July 2014

Fab Fifteens

ten days ago I showed you this bit of strip sewing that was fifteen minutes worth
Added to lots and lots of other fifteen minutes worth of sewing and then some 15 minutes of ironing I got this

And then fifteen minutes of speed dating strips on my design bed, I got this

I am seriously in love with these fabrics!

And in other news ... meet Nina and Samuel - my great nephew and his twin sister
I'm seriously in love with these guys too!


  1. Nice looking quilt but fabulous new babies! Congrats Aunty!!

  2. I like those colour combinations xx and the yawning combinations of the new members of your family xx

  3. your bed quilt looks lovely and as for those twins how cute are they!

  4. It all adds up to a great quilt! Precious little people

  5. I was reminded the other day by my friend that I used to use the odd few minutes here and there for getting some sewing done. That was a long time ago when the children were school age! So I can appreciate you fitting things in when you can. I like the colours do the quilt top. Congratulations on becoming an aunty to toe lovely babies,

  6. Beautiful quilt and beautiful babies!

  7. A speed dating stripper, oh my! Great niece looks rather vocal lol


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