Saturday 19 July 2014

Dreaded Deadline

The Year 4 embroidery & patchwork altar cloth project needs to be ready for Monday morning to be presented to the school and blessed by the vicar.  We ran out of time at school so I have to finish the embroidery, cut the pieces to size, patchwork them, finish and bind the alter cloth, trim and bind and frame embroidery for each child, and make a thank you pressie for the mums who helped!

Sewing machine 
Laptop with embroidery designs
Embroidery machine 
Old school dress for appliqué
Pile of stitched designs
Cutting mat and equipment 
Measurements of alter table
(Unseen) large cup of coffee

See you on the other side!


  1. Not much to do then... Good luck!

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  3. Gosh, that sounds like an awful lot of work, good luck!
    P.S. I hope there's some chocolate to go with that coffee!

  4. No sleep for you this weekend then :)


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