Saturday 26 July 2014

Ikea Inspiration

Niki and I went to Ikea today and mostly managed to stick to the shopping list, but did get tempted by this lidded mug

It was only after we got home that I wondered if I could replace the decoration with something else - wish now that I'd bought loads more!

I used the existing decoration as a template - folding it into 8ths to save having to do any maths for the angles


Then I transferred those marks onto stabiliser


And stitched fabrics on using the lines

Quilted and trimmed

And into the mug


Got to love Ikea!



  1. hi Benta,
    this is so-so clever!
    I love you mug and now I
    have to visit aikea very soon ;-)

  2. very good transformation like you I am an Ikea fan, so lucky to have one not too far away and easy to get to on the bus or should I say buses as it takes 2.

  3. 'Bloody ikea' love the mug :-)

  4. Great idea Benta! Wow, that mug was a great find and you made it beautifully Yours! x Teje

  5. Those would make really cute gifts! Great idea :)

  6. Very clever!! I'm gonna have to go to Ikea!!
    That mug will end up costing me 50€ !! LOL
    it will be all your flault !! LOL

  7. This turned out great! Nice idea.

  8. You are a genius ! If you are looking for me - I'll be with Liz at IKEA, buying mugs ;-))

  9. Great idea and looks gorgeous and now I want to go for ikea for one of that mug.
    Love your fabric combo.Have a great week!

  10. Great idea Benta . I'll have a look when I go next time.

  11. how are you going to work out the angles for making ones personalised with embroidery?!? I guess that you could just stitch out along one of the lines that on this one you used for seams!


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