Tuesday 12 November 2013

Essential Irish

This quilt is a long way off being finished, indeed will grow as an ender/leader project, but already has the name of Essential Irish

I have had a number of the Moda Essential Dot fabric in dark colours for ages.  I used some for the giant lone star

but there was plenty left over, so I have now cut the remainder into 2.5 inch strips, along with a cream fabric with slightly darker small stars

I have wanted to make an Irish Chain for a while, but didn't want the big plain squares in between the nine patch blocks.  I also didn't want it in the conventional coloured chain on light background, so I started stitching strips to strips.  (not the tan fabric at the top: that didn't make the cut)

Then the strips were pressed and crosscut

And stitched into nine patch blocks, which are the start of my Essential Irish quilt


  1. Great use of those leftovers! Keep going!

  2. Lovely! Always good to have an extra project on the go!

  3. Very nice too. Elsa's first quilt was an Irish Chain after we had holidayed there. She loves the memories it gives her.


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