Tuesday 19 November 2013

Museum Makes

I forgot to include the Show and Tell projects from Friday's Fun With Fabric at Chertsey Museum: these were the button pictures that were started in October's class and have now been finished:

A flower basket

and two trees

After these and the November button necklaces, my button stash is now looking a little sad :-(

EDIT: I now can't see the post I made with the button necklaces, so here they are again


  1. Your button stash does look a little depleted Benta, but at least your buttons are getting their chance to shine :)

  2. Hi Benta! How beautiful and fun projects! I guess you have a reason to go for a button-shopping! x Teje

  3. Beautiful button projects but now you will have to go shopping!

  4. If you have a Hobbycraft nearby, I was in there tonight and they have jars of multicoloured buttons for about £4, plus bags that I think were even cheaper, if that helps


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