Friday 22 November 2013

A Finish and A Follow Up

I have finished the quilt I was making for a friend for a Christening next weekend where she is God Mother

She's seen it on Facebook, and is very happy with it.

I usually cut my picture fabrics into 8 inch squares for the simpler I-Spy quilts, but cut these in half to make this brick effect quilt, which meant I had the other halves sitting in a pile.  I also got the news that one of our teachers has finally given birth . . . to a baby girl!

I cut some 2.5" strips of pink and attached a strip of pink to each picture rectangle

 I fired up the embroidery machine, and embroidered the baby's name

 And now just need to finish sewing on the binding before I next see her!


  1. Way to get mileage out of those blocks :oD

  2. Lovely quilts two for the price of one!

  3. Two very snuggly babies for the price of one there Benta, well done!

  4. Very fortuitous with Baby2 coming along!

  5. Two for almost the price of one! Both really lovely looking!

  6. These are beautiful. I really like the brick layout :)


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