Wednesday 27 November 2013

Inspired Ideas

A number of my friends have asked me, over the years, for *very* basic sewing help, and it transpires that people exist without so much as a needle and thread - I know, it beggars belief doesn't it!

I decided that group of friends (who luckily don't visit this blog) should be introduced to this wonderful world whether they like it or not, so I have been collecting stuff for a sewing kit

 or two or three

They should be useful, but look boring, but my thinking kinda stopped there.  Then when I was blog surfing, I saw that the lovely Plum has made some Christmassy Pouches, and that gave me the inspiration I needed - not that mine are anything like hers, but I hadn't thought of making a pouch for the sewing kits.

I used the Fat Quarter bag method that is my go-to draw string bag, but reduced the size

So that the sewing kits will fit inside

I made quite a few

And now just need to get some thin blue ribbon to finish them off

Inspired - thanks Plum


  1. What a lovely idea. The bags look really nice and will make such nice presents for your non-sewing friends. xxx

  2. Ha, nothing liking dragging them into it, kicking and screaming... ;o)

  3. Cute idea. It's always handy to have a sewing kit.

  4. How do people cope in a household that doesn't contain a needle or thread Benta?? You are really performing a Public Service there with your sewing kits, it is definitely for the greater good :)

  5. Sewing kits should be official issue when you get your National Insurance card!!

  6. I love the fabric you have used!

  7. What a thoughtful idea - and the fabric bags are so "on theme"!


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