Friday 8 November 2013

Making Music

The last Star Of Africa Bee block was due back in the summer, but it has sat on my to-do list for ages.  I have really struggled with this theme.

Irene requested: My theme is: MUSIC!!! So you can make your blocks with anything related with your nation - folk music, instruments, musicians, dancing and/or costumes. This can be the time for The Beatles, Elvis, Beethoven, Riverdance, bagpipes, kilts, bush bands, country music, manjiras... -the list is endless- come up to stage, you may let the brainstorm come!  My project will be a wall hanging to be hung over my piano, this is my sketch:   As you can see, your blocks will be "floating" on a white background.   Color of your background: Bright colors. Any color you like, that gets a good contrast over the white/black background.
Any technique, and being for a Wall hanging, embellishments are welcome!

I am the least musical person I know, so I really struggled with this. I asked family and friends for help, and finally my daughters' Godparents suggested an idea based on our house number being 4B.

This music instruction (so they tell me) is to play the note B four times, so 4B!

My grandfather was a concert standard pianist, and my oldest daughter learnt guitar and the youngest daughter learnt drums for a while, so I was really pleased to find these instruments as charms.   I was so bad at singing (still am) that I was the only girl in my class not allowed to join the choir. I had to do woodwork with the boys during singing lessons, but one of the woodwork teachers played saxophone, which also happens to be my favourite instrument, so I added that charm too.

The satin stitch is really tactile, and catches the light, as do the assorted silver charms (notes and squiggly things as well as the instruments).  I have not cut it to size as I couldn't decide whether to have the lines at an angle or horizontal, so I have sent it to Irene untrimmed so she can decide when it arrives. 

I do hope you like it Irene xxx


  1. Well done Benta on finishing this one, all the sweeter because you did struggle with it :-)

  2. I like the personal touches you've added, and so kind to let her do the final cutting so that she can have it the way she needs it to be.

  3. Lots of lovely Benta tie ins!

  4. Just love it xxx


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