Monday 25 November 2013

Fun at the Farm

The girls at Broom Farm are getting in the Christmas spirit:  
Will I get this finished for Christmas?  
Will Santa bring me a sewing machine for Christmas? 
Can we have Christmas cake next week?
(Probably, maybe, yes)

I did get some work out of them: (even if I still haven't been near a machine!)

A silk log cabin cushion, appliqué for bunting, a reversible summer dress (!) and a cricket quilt . . .

And a gorgeous dinosaur based on one from Pepper Pig (?)

As usual, more/individual photos and details on the other blog:

Now off to today's second class -  let's see how many angels we get done!


  1. Nice diverse selection of projects there!

  2. Gorgeous projects.Work with silk is a little tricky for me and the dino is super fun.Have a great week!

  3. Great work - and all so different! Well done to everyone!


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