Thursday 21 November 2013

Super Strings & Homework Help

Back in April (APRIL!!!!) the lovely Jen from Quilter in the Closet sent me some string blocks that she didn't think she would use.  They were great but 14 blocks does not a quilt top make, so it has been in the back of my mind to make some more blocks.

I got hold of some thin paper a few days ago, and at about the same time realised that my 'string' drawers were kind of full

So I cut the paper into 12.5" squares, layed a strip of white down the centre diagonally, and stitched a coloured strip either side

and kept going until I had six blocks made (sadly I easily managed not to repeat any fabric, and have hardly made a dent in the string drawers!)

So one I have trimmed them to size I will have 20 blocks and will be ready to made another flimsey

On another matter . . . I was approached by two mums in the playground this week, on behalf of children who left our school last year to join a middle school (unusually for UK, we only have children until Yr 4/age 9 as Windsor has a three school system rather than a two school system). 

The children had been asked to collect examples of fabrics: woven, knitted, and bonded or felted, and the look of panic on the mums faces said it all!

I have found samples for them both (not too difficult you understand) but I'm not gluing them into place - the kids can work out which is which!


  1. I wonder how they knew you would be able to help!LOL I love the string blocks

  2. We have the same three tier system here Benta, although they are trying to change that. It is not a popular move as it will result in long journeys to school for young children in rural Northumberland villages if they lose their village schools in the shake-up.

  3. Hmm, string drawers seem far worse than string vests somehow...


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