Sunday 25 June 2017

2017 Wk 25 - More sewing with Jackie

Jackie and I normally trade a few goodies when we see each other:  I haven't had much time in the last few months, so Jackie didn't get much - but I was spoilt!  Thank you Jackie

(Yes, the pouch isn't finished . . . some traditions are good to keep!)

We made some blue whale pouches for a couple of my cousins and an Aunt - its a bit of a long story - I won't bore you but I think they will love the pouches!

Lining in red as there is a Norwegian link!

We made some magic zip pouches (two sections and each side has a zip into a separate pocket)

Yesterday's eco dying . . .  well lets say we wont bother with that again!

We tried silver spoon stamping . . . with a LOT of brute force (and probably a fair amount of ignorance!) we got one letter done.  Apparently I bought silver plated steel spoons, not silver spoons!!!

 We had a go at zippy key rings - and adding numerous zipper pulls for fun

We used some pretty lacy zips

 And we did some Christmas planning: triangles inside circles, stitched together into pyramids will make lovely little gift boxes!

(From these instructions)

Then finally, in the last two hours we made what are probably my favourite creations: a sewing holdall which rolls up


  1. It's the most productive I've been in ages. Roll on our next 'retreat' !!

  2. I don`t know anyone like you and Jackie that cram so much into a gew days lots of lovely makes here, what is the connection with red and Norway? Loving the pyramids have done egg shaped ones years ago and the sewing holder is a great project. Really must go some zip pouches zips are on my shopping list for when I next go to the market

  3. If you can squeeze this much sewing out of a visit with Jackie, then I need to do better at squeezing.

  4. A very productive time was had by all I'd say Benta :)

  5. Productive time indeed! I think my favourite finish would be the Magic Pouches - and I think I have that print downstairs, but in a different colour (pinkish) :)

  6. Congratualtions, fantastic meeting and great team.It`s hard to pick my best favourite, I jump from one to another .

    Have a fun week.


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