Saturday 24 June 2017

2017 Wk 25 - Corking good fun

Yippee!!!  Jackie is here for a weekend of fun!  We went to the National Quilt Championships at Sandown Park yesterday -which may have involved some shopping!

One of our goodies was a sheet of cork 'fabric' - which resulted in these two using Noodlehead's design.

 We've made these before so felt confident in adding slip pockets and zip pockets too

We also had a go at scissor pouches

And then we wrapped some cotton and leaves up together and boiled them in water with rusty nails for . . . well, the bucket didn't reach boiling point after being on the stove for an hour

This was as a result of having met Caroline Bell at Richmond and Kew - she creates amazing fabrics this way - I'm not so sure ours will be as successful - we'll find out tomorrow!

Whilst in the kitchen on a hot sweaty day watching a bucket full of water, nails and fabric - as if that wasn't hot enough, we decided to do some baking!

This means Jackie baking and me fetching and washing up!!!
Lemon drizzle cake . . . 

and the world's strangest shapes muffins (so it turns out you really do need a muffin tin - who knew!)

And finally: my favourites from Sandown Park yesterday


  1. Cork is so much fun. You can also use it raw edge as it doesn't fray.

  2. interesting reading about the cork will check it out at FOQ in august. Pouches look good and would have loved some lemon drizzle, Mum used to make a lovely one
    Fascinated with the scissor keeper will see if I can find a pattern on line. Quilts look good too thanks for sharing

  3. Cork is another item I want to try, but I'm going to wait for it to go down in price a bit - yikes! First, though, I need to try my Kraft Tex - I have a roll of it that I haven't even opened! Did you enjoy working with the cork - would you buy more?

    Baking doesn't wait for cool days - sometimes you just need to bake a cake. And muffins! YUM!


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