Friday 2 June 2017

2017 Wk 22 - Mostly Chertsey

The lovely ladies at Chertsey Museum made tote bags today. Well they started them but there isn't really much to show other then their fabric choices, so first let's look at their show and tell:
Three finished felted pictures (two shown with their inspiration) and some finished flowers

And tote bags ready to finish ...

They recently asked about lace making so I thought I'd have a practice.
My attempt looked like this
Which was just a mess so I pulled the pins out in disgust . . . And it transformed itself into this
Which I LOVE! I couldn't salvage this one so I've started again! At the moment it looks like the previous pic - but fingers crossed it works ok!
I'm off for a girly weekend with friends, and wanted to make them something - I'd seen notebook covers which were a bit more than note book covers . . . so I copied the idea and made these
Note book covers with built in pencil cases!
Now I'm off to pack - have a good weekend x


  1. I'm rather fond of making book covers - I love your inset zippers! Your lace! Oh my that's pretty - at least, the 2nd version is :D Why couldn't it be salvaged - it looks like it was coming along very nicely? What kind of cord/yarn were you using to do the ... (not sure what to call it ...) ... weaving?

  2. the Chertsey ladies have made some lovely felted pictures and also a flower. Book covers have worked beautifully the ladies must be delighted with them. Tote bags coming along well a lady can never have too many bags.

  3. Genious on the book covers


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