Sunday 28 May 2017

2017 Wk 21 - Mostly Weaving

It was Niki's birthday in the week, and she wanted a tortoise for her birthday: we talked her out of it, but Lisa decided she could have a tortoise of sorts . . . and crocheted this little chap

You can even take his shell off if you want to as its attached to his waist coat!!!

I've taken my first weaving off the loom (no, I have no idea what to do with it)

And Lisa gave me her left over wool for the next threading of the loom!  I threaded a patterned warp

And started to weft with the same pattern (until these last few rows went wrong - I can tell you that unweaving is as much fun as unsewing!)

Anyway - an hour or so later I've achieved this

Ad to be fair I dont know what I'll do with this either, but its fun to make . .  I wonder if you can make zippy pouches out of weaving?


  1. You can serge the edges if you want to use it as fabric. Depends on how tight the weave is. It would make a great contrast pocket on a big tote bag.
    You can also back it with a stabilizer fabric so it doesn't stretch all wackadoodle and then treat as a single fabric. Looks awesome and very tempting.

  2. Awesome! I've always wanted to try weaving. Your piece is beautiful! Love the colors.

  3. Love the tortoise, it looks sweet. You're really getting on with weaving, the colour combination looks good.

  4. I love the tortoise. The weaving is amazing, I love the blues!

  5. how sweet the tortoise is and loving that he can get undressed! The weaving is coming along beautifully you must be delighted with your latest piece.

  6. That tortoise is super cute!! Treat the weaving like a fabric, just sew the seams extra.

  7. HAHA I'm glad Turt is wearing a waistcoat - it would be rude of him to run (lol) around nekkid, with his turtle bits and pieces on display! Love your weaving projects, and obviously GMTA because when I saw the first one, my first thought was ... I wonder how she could use that one in a zipper pouch ... apparently zipper madness has stricken both of us! ;)


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