Saturday 20 May 2017

2017 Wk 20 - more than I thought

I didn't think I had much to show, but a few projects have been finished, so maybe I do!
From the felting class a few weeks ago . . . Made into (of course) a zippy pouch (blinking zip went a bit wonky though)

And I made another version of the tunic

Have you had your DNA done through Ancestry DNA? I got the kits for the fires and Brian for Christmas. The girls got 50% Scandinavian (Lisa) and 30% (Niki). And Brian got an unexpected 28%! So they decided to get me one for Mothering Sunday, and the results arrived. I expected 100% Scandinavian, but I'm actually only 68%: family history does not suggest these results, but I'm delighted with the 6% Irish!!!!

Back to creating - I wanted to make the möbius wrap from Pinterest. I learned how to make this holey crochet, but the instructions said to cast on 64 chains, that was much too small - this is 164 chains!!! (I know I'm big, but I'm not THAT Big!!!!!). Anyway, I thought I had finished it, but wanted help from the crafty churchers

Lynne took these pics for me (not as bad as usual!)

And also showed me how to finish it off
Tomorrow I'll show you what else Lynne is responsible for!


  1. I love the results too but I knew already that you were part Irish. I love the wrap

  2. the crochet is lovely, interesting the DNA I think I have a bit of everything! Australian Norwegian, Scottish English and who knows what else!

  3. Even though most of my family has been in the usa for many generations, and family lore says I am a 64th chocktaw, ancestery says we are 99% northern european. Three family members did the test with similar results. I'm gonna stick with my chocktaw indian story - with my freckles and all.

  4. I love the wrap.I`ve never done that test,but would be interesting.I think I have a bit of everything.

    Have a great week.

  5. Have been tempted by the kits as neither of us have fathers and J no mother either. The shawl sits lovely too.


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