Sunday 14 May 2017

2017 Wk 19 - Mostly Quilting

I've finally finished the 115 tshirts for the preschool (just need to do the best bit - raise the invoice!) -

I've been working upon the Boyfriends Brights quilt in snatched five minutes and rewarded myself for finishing the embroidery by quilting it:

I used a variegated thread that looks really dull on the spool, but lovely rich colours on the fabrics

And now the weekend is nearly over :-(.


  1. Great colours in the boyfriend Quilt. I have a go to variegated thread that crosses most boundaries too.

  2. what a bright cheerful boyfriend quilt. Variegated thread worked well too, I have quite a bit of variegated but it is the very cheap one and the machine does not seem to like it but seeing what you have done must have another go

  3. That boyfriend quilt is a lovely burst of colour on a very grey day, thanks Benta :)

  4. Most of my quilts are being sent out to my long arm quilter, but the few small quilts I do amor plan to do, I like to use variegated thread. Especially when the quilt has too many colors to chose just one color to do the quilting. Yours looks really cool!

  5. This quilt is just fantastic.Love these bright and colorful color.
    The thread id perfect for this quilt.Great job!!

    I use only one color for quilting because I handquilting and try to use one thread that match with all the fabrics.

  6. I hope your invoice(s) get paid quickly - it might be time for more fabric! ;) The brights quilt is coming along nicely - the variegated thread *does* pop more on the fabric than on the spool - I wouldn't have thought they were the same thread!


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