Thursday 11 May 2017

2017 Wk 19 - Mostly Random!

A very dear friend of mine is training to be a Methodist Minister. He is training at The Queen's Foundation in Birmingham. He has asked me to look at doing a machine embroidery of the Cross at the Foundation
I sent him this embroidery . . .

. . . based on this photo - it needs a bit of work, but I'm pleased with it - and so is he!

I have finished and framed my Wendy Dolan landscape picture, and managed to lose the bit when the green grass bled into the sky!

I had a plan with some cone thingies from jewellery making, combined with a pack of dangly whatsits (I've got all the words today!) bought when mobile phones had a cut out to add a strap or dangly charm, and some Tibetan silver charms and hair scrunchies

You may be asking yourself "what in earth???" (And you would be justified) but there is a point ...(pardon the pun)
To protect your pocket or sewing pouch, or to protect the points of the scissors!
And last but not least ... my lovely Chertsey museum ladies spend last Friday afternoon making felt pictures - combining felt sheets and roving and sewing to make the most amazing pics (some seen here with their inspiration)


  1. Lots of eye candy - your landscape picture finish is lovely - you must be really happy with the end results! The scissor protectors are awesome - I thought they were zipper pulls until I saw the "in use" photo - great idea!

  2. lots shared today that is a challenge to make the cross it is coming along beautifully. Also your embroidered photo is looking great and all your little dangle whatsits.
    Your church group have made some lovely pieces has given me an idea for the felt I have made on the embellisher but have taken no further

  3. All looking fabulous and iIlove the cross. I bet he's over the moon. So where is that project going?

  4. Great mix of projects there Benta! Those scissor protectors are inspired :)

  5. Busy girl! Love how your 'wendybenta' turned out. And how your ladies did something similar with felting.
    We are no longer allowed to hand customers our scissors as they could possibly hurt themselves. (wtf & omg come to mind).

  6. A lovely mix of work going on. I love your tree the felt pictures :)

  7. The cross interpretation is very impressive Benta. I love, love, love my scissor protector. I'm using it tonight as I'm in Manchester for work. Super idea.


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