Sunday 16 July 2017

2017 Wk 28 - A bit of shopping

So the one thing I did manage to do while I was off sick was shop!

The lovely Mr Amazon brought me giant poppers (press studs) and latch hook, and a seam roller (even if it thought it was a wallpaper roller), grippy scissors, snips and a new crochet hook

and a lace making book!

I've been having a go with the help of Mr Google, but I'm not really pleased with it

And I'm not the only one shopping . . .  too early to celebrate yet, but the girls have put in an offer on this lovely little house

(this is the view from the front door)

 and inside

So please keep fingers and toes crossed that all goes well!

Finally, a friend's FB post from hospital where she is recovering from a broken leg . . .  I think she liked the quilt I brought in to her


  1. Ha! I know what the seam roller is for...
    I know enough about bobbin lace to work it on the surface of a big throw pillow- easier to stab pins in to help separate threads. And that's by observing the ladies at the flock & fiber show.

  2. My fingers are crossed for the girls - so exciting! Mr. Amazon visits me frequently as well - I love him :) Funny you should order those snaps - my last order was for 2 sets of Snap Source snaps - I have the little gadget to install them, but the store where I buy the stuff, has stopped selling that brand :( One of the orders before that, was for a set with a bunch of plastic snaps and a snap installer - it looked very colourful and fun so I thought I'd use up the tail end of a gift card and treat myself, lol! I have the box on my sewing table to look at, but haven't tried out the plastic ones yet :D

  3. love My Amazon visiting waiting for some goodies myself. You have lots there did not know you were into lace making not tried it as too slow for me and fiddly too but love to see what others have done.
    Fingers crossed for the house hope they will be near you but not too near!

  4. Hope all goes well with the girls house purchase Benta, it is a nail biting time until contracts are exchanged I know! How nice to see that your quilt was appreciated too.

  5. Lovely things from Mr Amazon! The lace making look very intricate, lots of threads to keep sorted.

  6. got everything crossed xx REMEMBER you have to practice to LIKE what you have made .. give yourself a chance xx

  7. Nope, no patience for lace. Lots of work for little reward to me! Lol. Everything crossed for the girls. X

  8. Hi Benta, interesting bobbins! Early days on your lacemaking, but it looks good to me! I haven't touched my lace for two or three years ..... one day I'll get back to it!
    Fingers and toes crossed for the girls.
    How awful breaking a leg! I'm sure your lovely quilt will be a great comfort to her, and will be something she can cherish and admire well into the future!
    Barbara x

  9. I like the way you are doing your blog on a weekly basis! Takes less stress of trying to do a post daily. I get so busy sometimes, I have fallen down on the blog posting lately. Mostly, too, is because I am doing other things besides quilting and crafts. Good Job!


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