Saturday 12 August 2017

2017 Wk 32 - Mostly Multi-tasking

I'm surprised neither machine has burst into flames this weekend!
The embroidery machine has churned out a couple of dozen of these to be hand stitched to fleece jackets for the pre-school (20 stitched on so far, 20 to go)

The sewing machine has stitched 20 I-spy squares to sashing, and then together to make this for a customer (when baby arrives her name will be added)

Then the embroidery machine made two more Votes for Women sashes . . .

. . . while the sewing machine made two styles of humbug bags for the next Chertsey Museum class

And earlier in the week - I had a lab evening with two of of my favourite ladies
And we made these (thanks Plum for the instructions!)

Back to work tomorrow . . . for a rest!!!!!


  1. What a wonderfully productive weekend you have had!

  2. plenty completed this weekend, do love those humbug bags I have done cushions in hardanger that way. Baskets good too and they are a good fun raiser as so quick to make reminds me I must do some more for my charity stall

  3. Busy girls.Looks you had a great weekend and the projects are beautiful!

  4. Lots of great projects. I expect you all need a rest :)

  5. Votes for women??!! SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! ;) Lots of productivity in your end of the world, Benta - that quilt has me oooohing and aaaaahing and wanting to go cut out some theme fabrics :D


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