Saturday 2 September 2017

2017 Wk 35 Bah Humbug

I can't believe it's September already! Is it just my age, or is time passing really quickly?
Anyways, I am STILL, boringly plodding through the Pumpkins embroidery - up to 120 items now but starting to see the end. Yesterday I was at Chertsey Museum with my lovely ladies - making humbug pouches. We actually had some finishes (and close-finishes) and ended up with a fab group of pouches

The big pouch is made from two squares and one zip from this tutorial.  The smaller ones are made from one rectangle and half a long zip, from this tutorial 

And we've started thinking about next year's crafts ... like this little draw string bag (which could be made smaller as Christmas decorations?)

Meanwhile, hot on the hooves of Lisa asking for a zippy pouch last weekend, Niki has asked for a new notebook for her new job starting on Monday- so of course I obliged!
She said she didn't need a pencil case as well, but I added one to the notebook cover just in case! A few minutes sewing to close the turning hole and she'll be ready for Monday!


  1. I love it when my kidlets ask me to sew for them. My son has asked for a chalkbag (rock climbing) for his girlfriend done in hawaiian motif.
    While I've made one before, the instructions disappeared and I don't have any hawaiian fabric in canvas heavy duty cloth in my stash.
    This one will be a challenge.

  2. liking the new project bag re the humbugs I have made them without zips when when you have a zip when do you put it in? is it the last thing you do on the final seam, I think not but not sure how to go about it.

  3. That is a lovely collection of pouches and I'm sure Niki will need a pencil case. I hope her new job goes well :)

  4. I don't think it's our age - I think time has actually changed consistency and now literally moves faster! That can't be good, LOL!!! ;) I like making humbug bags - they're a great way to use up scrap bits and leftovers zippers - and they can be sized for whatever fabric you happen to want to use up :) My kids don't ask me to make them things very often - they're more likely to ask me to mend their worn out work jeans so they can wear them for yet another month or two - sometimes I can do it - other times they're so far gone that I tell them to buy some more pants and quit bugging me :D Being in construction, when they wear out their pants, they're literally beyond salvaging - between the worn out spots and the construction stains :D Last week I made one kid take off his work pants when he got to my house - they were so caked with dust that he was leaving *poofs* in the air as he walked - and then he wanted to sit on my couch! OFF WITH THOSE PANTS! :) Fortunately he still had some clothes in his old bedroom upstairs, so he didn't have to walk around in his boxers, haha :D


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