Sunday 10 September 2017

2017 Wk 36 Finished at last!

I don't have much that's exciting to show for this week, except this box sees the last of the 163 items of school uniform all embroidered and now delivered with a rather scary invoice! Boring for you, but I'm really pleased!
I did have a fun evening at Chertsey Museum with ladies from the WI painting on hessian (jute / burlap) bags
With some great results:
I had a wipe clean table cloth that had got beyond its best, but sections were still fine, so I've started to cut it into usable pieces, and to use up half zips left from the humbug class to make a few zippy pouches
And a while ago I made a Block Bag from a few left over blocks forgot to blog it
. . . I might have loads of UFOs but at least some have nice homes to love in while they wait!


  1. Look at you salvaging cut up zippers with a different colored pull. I've gotten pretty good at adding pulls to zippers.

  2. good to see the uniforms are all done and now you can get on with what you want to do, never seen hessian painted on before. Assorted pouches look good too

  3. Oh you definitely need to join in Bag It, Miss Benta ... you're a bag lady! I have to practice the zipper pull adding technique - I wasn't able to do it the last time I tried, and had to get my friend to do it for me :D She likes handwork, and the tinier the project, the better. I'm the exact opposite, hehe. The WI group sure has a lot of fun, and tries fun new projects - I bet the ladies spend most of the time laughing and chatting while they work :)

  4. I love the pouches. I hope the scary invoice gets paid quickly and you have fun spending it!

  5. That's plenty of exciting things to show! Good to get the uniforms done and the bags and pouches look great :)


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