Saturday 16 September 2017

2017 Wk 37 Crafty Week

I was back at Chertsey Museum on Friday . . . but as a student rather than as a teacher. The lovely Claire was teaching a textured book cover - oh my gosh I loved this class!!

I was having far too much fun to take many stage pics but after sticking torn paper scraps and assorted sizzixed shapes onto a notebook we slathered black (or white) gesso and then some metallic paint on top of that. Once it was all dried we then used wax gilt to enhance ... well, whatever needed enhancing!

So I came home with this
And this
(Alice's looked like this before the metallic paint and wax)

So I confess I might have been to look at getting my own supplies!!!!!

Here are all the note books created:

What else do I have that I can show you? I only got one pic at Crafty Church today but my friend Jane joined us . . . and learnt how to crochet

She got it much quicker than I did, but being a couple of years ahead mine doesn't look too shabby:

I've made a bag for the Church Chalice out of some lush 4mm felt:

And I'm delighted to have got the maths right - and the bottom fitted perfectly!

I've started a gift for a friend

And finished three polo shirts for a customer

And made bunting for this Goddaughter who is on her way to university

I'm posting the A to her as a postcard! But planning she'll get the rest a few days later!


  1. Haha! You! Mixed media! Whatever next? Glad to see the crochet doing well.

  2. You can gesso fabric on too....I can see you making ATC's.

  3. I love the notebooks and everything else :-)

  4. Those notebooks look like a lot of fun to make Benta :)

  5. Those notebooks are stunning. I think they'd make brilliant gifts - I'm tempted to look into making one myself. And your crochet is coming on very well :)

  6. WOW I can't get over those embellished notebooks - they're incredible! I agree with Janine - they'd be great gifts!

  7. Great notebooks, Benta!
    Love all the other stitching!
    Your crochet is growing well too.
    Barbara x


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