Tuesday 19 January 2016

Christmas Crafting

I know some people are really organised, getting gifts made well in advance of each Christmas. My friend Fiona is one of them. She is one of the hosts of  Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew - an annual event to encourage Christmas gift sewing all year.

The following post may have a few elements of cheating, but I have today made a Christmas present!

My brother and his family live in Australia, and in a few days time my mum is on her way to see them. I have bought gifts for my brother and his wife, but my niece and nephew (age 9 and 7) are getting crafty gifts.

India's is a doll for her to make. I bought the panel f(possibly from Spoonflower), and I'm sending a little sewing kit too so she can cut and sew the printed pieces, with a bit of help from mum. Sewing related, but not a stitched present.

Marley's is a dinosaur, but it's a bit more complicated to make, so I have done the cutting, and the main sewing, so he and mum can stuff and add some applique if required. It started as a panel like this

And now looks at bit like this

I know it isn't finished, but for the sake of mum's packing it has to be able to be sent flat, and I'm hoping he will enjoy stuffing and finishing it, and sewing the ruff on where he thinks it belongs.

Although it clearly isn't a "finish", and is late for 2015 rather than early for 2016, I hope Fiona will see it as a linkable finish as its all I'm going to do to it - hopefully he will enjoy finishing it, and next time I'll leave him to make his own pressie!


  1. Oh the kids will have fun with those, Benta! I know the "keep it flat" problem - our mail system has awful AWFUL rates for "packages" so we can save a lot of money if we can send things classed as envelopes instead of packages. I've often wanted to send family members items that they have to stuff themselves, but alas, none of them sew so I can't pull that one off, lol. I've actually started sending less handmade gifts just because of postal rates. This year I'm trying to do hand or finger puppets for gifts that need to be mailed - they'll be reasonably flat and light so won't cost me a fortune :D

  2. I think a present that is an activity is a great idea. And to have partially completed the complicated one is very thoughtful to the mum :)

  3. Definitely counts as a link Benta, I would never have thought of sending something unstuffed but it is a smart idea :)
    Thanks for linking up to the first Ho Ho Ho and on We Sew of 2016. Here's to an organised Christmas this year too!

  4. These are great presents. I hope your mum has a lovely holiday :)

  5. 2 fun projects for the little ones, lucky Mum jetting off to warmer climes

  6. Such cute pressies. Now they were gifts for 2015? We're not talking 2016 and super early?? Tehehehehe

  7. What a clever idea to send the dinosaur unstuffed. Cheaper for you, but fun for the recipient, too, without being too onerous.


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