Saturday 2 January 2016

Crafty Christmas

 Did you have a good Christmas?  I hope so.  I was spoilt!  I'll just show you the sewing related stuff:

This sewing kit from Niki's boyfriend Harry

A sew-your-own Christmas decoration set and a lovely boxy pouch from Jackie

And fabrics and scissors from nephew and his wife

I saw this the other day - I quite agree!


  1. You are close to going on your trip.
    Happy beach time.

  2. Nice gifties! I was rather spoiled this year as well, but the best thing was that all 3 of my guys were rather festive this season, which is unusual for 2 of them! They were so festive that I actually offered to buy both of our sons, the same Christmas tree that hubby and I bought for ourselves (it was on sale for half price, so I ended up buying 3 of them, lol). On the crafty front, I received a lovely gift certificate for our local fabric store, from one of the boys - that makes old mom a happy old mom, lol!

  3. Nice thoughtful gifts, and luuurrrvvveee the scissors. *drool*

  4. you lucky girl some lovely gifts you have had

  5. That sewing kit is awesome. Harry seems like a keeper?? Enjoy your trip!

  6. that sewing kids is great , did she make it?


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